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The Meat Boutique Supports Australian Farmers.

Bannockburn Free Range Chicken

Bannockburn Free Range Chicken is the premium brand of the Turi Foods range.

Grown locally in Victoria, our free range chickens are accredited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia’s (FREPA). Our free range farms are regularly audited to ensure they meet the FREPA standards. Bannockburn Free Range chickens are processed without the addition of chemicals at our processing plant, using our “Air-chilling” method.

Our processing method sets Bannockburn Free Range chickens apart from all other free range chicken products on the market. These chickens are processed using a low scald/air chill method which does not require the addition of chemicals.


Breakout River

Breakout River calls Cowra NSW home. Cowra is nestled on the banks of the Lachlan River just down stream from Wyangala Dam which is the storage dam for the river system. Cowra is a farming community boasting some of Australia’s best agricultural land. It has a large area under vineyards with some wonderful wines grown there. It can boast that it has some of Australia’s best lambs are produced there. Breakout River uses the brand names: Cowra Lamb


Milton Beef

Milton Beef is the brand name of our amazing grass fed beef.  Milton is situated on the South Coast of NSW which is claimed to be one of the most fertile areas in Australia. Milton has enviable soils and water which produce some of the best cattle in Australia. The rich farming country mixed with some of the best grazing country means we have some of the most consistently tasty beef available in Australia. Our strong relationships with local beef producers, combined with our unique hand selection process and quality feeding, guarantees that the finest beef is consistently selected for our Milton Beef.


Riverina Free Range Pork

Riverina Free Range Pork have gone to great lengths to secure the best pig producers in the Central West of NSW to supply our customers. Our pigs are hormone growth promotant free. They are grain fed with 100% Australian grown grain. Their attention to producing perfect pigs with full flavorsome, tender sweet and juicy pork is why our Riverina Sweet Pork is consistently in demand.

Due to Australia’s strict quarantine and quality assurance programs, our pork is the cleanest and best in the world. Our bacon and hams made from Australian grown pigs are a taste delight.